(or the duo – trio of Med Doc, Psychologist and…)

Hey, I’m Doc Dog!

First, let me tell you about the health team behind me.

My team is a duo… that’s a trio! The duo is Kahina and Jordan, Canadian citizens of the world. Kahina is a Medical Doctor, Jordan is a professional in Scientific Psychology and an amateur humorist.

In short highlights: Kahina is a human family Doctor, specialist of urgent care as well as an Orthopedic Surgeon (aha  a bone doctor). Jordan is an ex Special Agent of CIA, Epidemiology department… Oops, now that I have your attention, in fact he is an ex Research Agent of CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research, in an epidemiology team, as well as an ex- Rehabilitation Counselor of victims of criminal acts in the local government. Now, his special interest is in BMM – Body Mind Modeling with Cells Stress Controlby the Autonomic Nervous System (aka BMM Cells SC Auto NS). It sounds like a rocket science, but it’s as simple as controlling your inflammations… the fire in your body.

The union of Kahina and Jordan leads to the modern union of medicine and psychology. We call it PMP – Positive Medicine & Psychology™. The focus of PMP is on positive BMP – Body Mind Programming .   Our catch phrase is: PMP by BMP. Anyway, just remember that  we are not negative disease oriented… we are positive health – body – mind oriented.

Kahina is dedicated fully to her own medical practice in the hospitals. She is simply a honorary consultant for my website general health content – it’s an honor for me.  But ex ex Jordan, that I love more than Michael Jordan, is now absolutely focused on me and PMP – Positive Medicine & Psychology… in theory and practice. The theory of PMP is about The Theory of Everything in The Body™… by funny stories. The practice is action and rest… by your body guide – Easy for Easy – easy health and fitness programs.

Now, all eyes on half of me!

dc dog sans fond Half size

Doc Dog Huskador is my full name. I’m a Med Doc… your health is my aim. I love hip hop, fitness and any game… Yep, let’s rap it rapid: Doc Dog is for you! Your kid sure too. Even maybe too… for dogs in your crew.

Enough rapping and tapping. Let me tell you a bit about my big family.

You may think that Kahina and Jordan are my mother and father… Nuppy nup!

My mom is Huska – the husky. My dad is Ador – the labrador of Dior. Just kidding about Dior. Now, something infinitely more important… my lady is Doca Doga, our kid is Doki Dogy. Anyway, one day I’ll tell you the full story of my origin and family. For now, simply remember I come from the stars…

Hey, I may sound a bit funny, but I’m very serious about your health and easy life.

I’m your guide tothe galaxy of your body!

Yep the galaxy of your body. You have more cells in you than the stars in the galaxy! Imagine over 37 trillions of cells in you… that’s 37 thousands of billions or 37 millions of millions… You are full of stars… oops cells!  But, I bet you are blind to the super powers of your cells… Anyway, you can learn to drive them by your Auto NS (Autonomic Nervous System). In order to form and transform your body and mind.

Let me guide you. Get on your flyAuto NS. Discover with me zillions of secrets… Be a master of your  body-mind!  It’s easy with Easy for Easy. Yep, with me, life is easy.

Let’s start with your fountain of life hidden in Bone+…

Fun human health - info site created in Montreal,Quebec,Canada.
By our duo: Medical Doctor & Health Research Agent in Psychology.
This site is informational. You are responsible for your health!
The content here is strictly for information and fun. It is not 
medical advice or a substitute of your health professional.

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