Your wheel to model your life!

The steering wheel of Auto NS




This is the bone plus!

Doc Dog‘s sign of bone-hearts.


I’m a dog, though a doc, so I love bones of course! But the real reason of my bone-hearts symbol is….your heart and your bones make or break your body. Literally. Even your life!

Yep, your bones and heart are much, much, much more connected… than you may think.

Your bone-heart connection drives  the trillions of cells in you! By your Auto NS (Autonomic Nervous System) and Central NS (Central Nervous System). Thus it drives everything in you… your neurons, brain, blood, muscles, fats, skin, etc, all the organs, tissues and bio-chemical signals in your body. The galaxy of your body… did you read the page About?

All of this makes or breaks your body, mind, beauty, intelligence, force, health… as well as family, social, work  life. All your life.

Just stay with me. You’ll find why and how to strengthen your own bones-heart as well as muscles and neurons… by Auto NS. My easy guide to the galaxy of your body will show you the way to drive your own Auto NS. To the fountain of your life in you. Also how to master it easily. Remember life is easy with… EASY FOR EASY


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