Cytokines Modeling…

Can you imagine cytokines and fire!?

Control of fire was the first Progress revolution in the human evolution...

Cytokines control is the next Progress revolution in the health evolution!

The cytokines control the fire in your blood! Indeed the cytokines are molecules in your blood that give the immune signals to your immune cells for the inflammations in your body. They control even the expression of your genes.

Did you know that acute and chronic inflammations are major players for your immune system and genes expression?Thus for your diseases, health, beauty and aging! Inflammation in your body is really like… fire in your house. If you control it, then it is beneficial. If uncontrolled then it is harmful and even deadly.

The smart control of your inflammations is literally a matter of life and death!

We give you the power to control the fire in your body by Cytokines Modeling.


Cytokino™ is the first system for management of the cytokines dynamics. We call it Cytokino for Cytokines Modeling. It models your immune system, inflammations and genes expression.

We show you how to model each of your cytokines. For better life, health, beauty, force and aging.

You can model your cytokines by our EASY programs (Eat, Act, Sleep, Yes) as well as by selected natural herbs and pharma medications.

Did you know that the most expensive pharma meds in the world are?…

MABs – Monoclonal AntiBodies!

A MAB therapy costs usually, per year, tens of thousands of dollars per… a patient!

Ok, what does each golden MAB med do? It clones a specific white blood cells type to modulate a specific… cytokine!

There are also pAbs – Polyclonal Antibodies for modulating a coctail of… cytokines.

MABs and pAbs are among the most promising medications in modern medicine. They may be game changers for the management of most diseases, including cancers, auto-immune, Covid-19, etc. But in many cases you may have similar beneficial effects by modeling your cytokines naturally… and / or with inexpensive classic pharma medications! Our patent pending method CYTOKINO helps you to help yourself.

CYTOKINO is the first system in the world for systematizing the management of all cytokines dynamics.

CytoProfile: Cytokines profile for every person!

CytoCode: Cytokines code for every disease!

You can model your cytokines and immune system smartly with CytoProfile and CytoCode.

Cytokino gives you the right keys for the right doors. You can find our secrets how to decode and code your cytokines – immune system in the coming blog.

Now, let’s see our free Plans for your EASY programs. You can choose the best plan for you by our automatic personalized Test

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