HM means Hormones Modeling…

We show you how to model your hormones!

It’s time to replace the HRT – Hormones Replacement Therapies with smart modeling of your hormones.

Let’s start with… what’s a hormone? Simply, it’s like a fuel in your body! You drive all cells in your body by your blood and the hormones in your blood. Yes, even the name of “Hormone” comes from ancient Greek “setting in motion”. So you move all your body and Auto NS by your hormones! Did you read the page about the Autonomic Nervous System – Auto NS?

Anyway, your hormones are chemical messengers in your blood that control the cells in all your organs and tissues. Even your genes expression depend on your hormones! Imagine the importance for you. For your body structure, function, health, beauty and aging…

Your hormones can be internal aka endogenous (your own hormones secreted by your glands) or external aka exogenous (synthetic pharma hormones replacing the natural hormones).

To understand the real difference between internal and external hormones on your body, you must understand the hormonal cascades or loops that we call…


All hormones are loopers … forming loops in your blood system. But some loopers are positive, other negative.

A positive looper is a hormone with a positive feedback… you can increase your hormonal levels with external hormones , without stopping your own hormone production.

A negative looper is a hormone with a negative feedback… you can NOT increase your hormonal levels with external hormones , without stopping your own hormone production.

The difference between a positive and a negative looper hormone is fundamental! As fundamental as the difference between the day and night. Or between open eyes and blind eyes. Yet, many medical doctors, alternative healers and self-help health amateurs use hormones and HRT – Hormones Replacement Therapies… blindly!

Let’s open our eyes and see what happens when you replace a negative looper hormone with an external hormone. For example the testosterone:

To put it simply, the natural loop of testosterone starts with the Hypothalamus. This Hippopotamus… ops Hypothalamus is a vital organ in your brain. It’s like a central computer processor sending signals for the execution of different programs in your body. So the Hypothalamus sends a hormone GnRH (Gonadotropine Releasing Hormone) to the Pituitary. This Pit…pituitary is like a Pit stop or a relay station of the Hypothalamus signal. So the Pituitary synthesizes two hormones FSH and LH that say to your testicles: “Hey yo, we need testosterone!”. Then your testicles, if you have them, start producing your own testosterone. When your body obtains enough testosterone, then the Hypothalamus sensors sense it and stop the loop of signals for testosterone production. This is the negative feedback of the negative looper hormone testosterone.

Now, let’s open our eyes even more to see what happens when you put external testosterone in your body. No matter if it is a so called bio-identical Testosterone or a modified derivative.

The external testosterone first “castrates” a part in your Hypothalamus. The part that produces GnRH (Gonadotropine Releasing Hormone). Then it “castrates” the hormone GnRH. After that it “castrates” the part of your Pituitary responsible for the synthesis of both hormones LH and FSH. Of course this “castrates” too these two hormones. Finally the Testosterone replacement “castrates” your testicles… as they stop producing your own Testosterone and shrink.

The above “castrations” are in the sense of loosing structure and function… you know the saying: use it or loose it. The loss may be reversible or irreversible depending on the time period, doses, etc.

So next time, when you hear that HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy, specifically in this case TRT (Testosterone Replacement) is “natural” with bio-identical hormones… think how natural it is to loose parts in your brain, some key hormones and your testicles!

In any case, we are not against Hormones Replacement Therapies! Sometimes it is necessary, even life saving! Especially when done under the supervision of smart medical doctors.

We believe there is a better approach to harmonize your hormones by… HM – Hormones Modeling!

Often HM – Hormones Modeling is an easy solution by our special EASY programs of Eat, Act, Sleep, Yes. Did you read the page EASY ?

We also show you how you may use smart HRT – Hormones Replacement Therapies as part of smart HM – Hormones Modeling.

You can learn more about HM of all positive and negative hormonal loopers in our coming posts in the Blog.

To start the modeling of your hormones you can do it with our personalized solutions by taking a personal Test… coming soon.

Now let’s see how your hormones are controlled by the inflammations in your body via the Cytokines

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